update log
12.22.22 commission carrd new theme check it out kyomoto.crd.co !
12.2.22 backgrounds are back.
10.14.22 site name change. gumamela is now lovespace ♡
10.08.22 temporarily(?) removed the cbox if u have any questions please send them through my retrospring.
10.06.22 added new fonts + new backgrounds + changed the body text.
09.08.22 changed my referral code from fran to fiorefae
08.23.22 modified the 7.css scrollbar code so you can change the colors and border radius of the scrollbar track.
08.17.22 added the 7.css drop down menu code without the use of stylesheet and modified it a little bit.
07.23.22 changed the site name from mikaslash to gumamela.
07.17.22 added my flower mask collection!
07.09.22 added an update log.
06.30.22 made it more accessible + added codes section + backgrounds section + templates + tutorials.
06.21.22 made it a little bit bigger + changed the menu
05.25.22 lovespace carrd was made.
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LoveSpace Resources!

welcome to LoveSpace, here you'll find my site archive, coding resources, graphics and other various websites that will help prettify your site. click on the image to know more about me. for queries, reach out to me via retrospring. happy browsing! ♡((^▽≦♥)

about me

hi, i'm fran and i'm the creator of this carrd. if you're interested in upgrading or renewing your carrd plan please consider using my referral code fiorefae or link try.carrd.co/fiorefae it gives me 30% of your purchase and it won't cost you anything thank you!links️️️️⠀commissions retrospring twitter ko-fi we heart it full portfolio carrd archive

some of my carrds

don't: make tutorials, remake non-pro to pro & vice versa. cr fiorefae if you remake my original designs.

carrd archive

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power denji 

notedon't make non-pro version of my pro carrds and pro version of my non-pro carrds. please don't make tutorials for all of my carrds be it pro or non-pro. cr fiorefae if you remake.

carrd links


text with border text with border 2 webkit text stroke gradient text marquee text pop text floating text jerky text rubber band text curved text sideways bounce bubble text news ticker news ticker w pixel tilting text bouncy bouncy 2 wobbly text scrolling text flirty text blinking text text w image bg color changing text color changing flicker text link floats on hover shaking text website button w blinking text glitch text rotate text on hover tumblr wobbly text pulsing text triple outline text tooltip typing text typing text w neon light animated link underlines on hover downloading data typing text


lace border pastel pink lace pastel blue lace pastel purple lace pastel brown lace pastel orange lace black lace black lace 2 hot pink lace pink and brown lace brown hearts lace pink paper border pink ribbon border yellow and pink heart border gigi's gold frame wooden border double border gradient border blurred edges inset border inset box shadow 3d effect drop shadow multiple dropshadow rainbow dropshadow NEW! fran's flower mask collection heart mask paper mask fog mask star mask nene's mask 1 nene's mask 2 hello kitty mask hello kitty mask on hover floating img spin img twitch img pop img ticker img glitch img heart shape on hover infinite bounce on hover bouncing flip heart img shake on hover sliding img to reveal text rotate and saturate on hover rotate and blur on hover saturate on hover img tooltip


NEW! pink flowers in two corners simple border double border no border expand on hover dashed border colored bg gradient bg img/gif bg uneven border scrollbox with mark two fonts in a scrollbox img hover to reveal scrollbox img hover to reveal 2 scrollboxes img blur and shake to reveal scrollbox horizontal scroll title disappears when scrollbox expands 4 scrollboxes floating beside each other

music players

minimalist vinyl speaker slide up playlist on hover slide in left/right slide in left only rectangle mp w title & progress bar mp3 w pixel/gif spinning note madomagi circle w progress bar cute circle ongaku hover on text img bounce on hover marquee kill bill music player inside a container linktext pixel to music player on hover spinning icon 2000s cd spin circle pop circle spin draggable marquee with pixel ramdons hoyeon jump music player corazon uwu ai music player spinning headphone diamond spin gradient with pixel NEW! multiple song music player harenchi


NEW! bokeh effect css pattern bgs bubble bath rain falling snowflakes falling snowflakes 2 falling hearts star warp radial gradient flickering squares blobs in a jar tv set filter falling sakura leaves floating hearts vhs overlay custom image fall falling butterflies heart gifs bg tiled bgs (can also be used on carrd free)


NEW! 7.css drop down menu old lovespace menu flip heart folder menu drop down editable drop down tabs tabs2 claris crd menu jake's blur menus flip card multiple sections one embed gina crd co menu bookmark menu flower lala uwu ai menu intruosers menu roman numerals on hover numbers on hover heart estrellita menu

scrollbars and cursors

NEW! double border scrollbar 7.css scrollbar 7.css scrollbar 2 colored scrollbar gradient scrollbar hidden scrollbar old web scrollbar custom cursors bubbles clicksplosion flower 1 flower 2 img/gif clicksplosion cursor trail hearts hearts 2 star question mark music note image trail


NEW! this carrd's update log ishimori update log scripted neocities update log notepad tab NEW! redirects people to another site when the carrd opens copy image to clipboard window buttons draggable elements shaped containers password protection disable right click w/o alert disable left click + alert message alert when page opens typing tab title marquee tab title cbox on hover media rule

css framework sites

7.css 98.css XP.css NES.css clay.css paper.css NEW! system.css


SparklebubblegumcapriConniexkgZtebalJoganXiomaracherishHeartPC98LittleDeviliCDGsilverMagicapumpkinShalmastylishJua♡enokiQotx6 WintergingiescrouwelCoinydahliaBandarSweetywonderlandkinkiesegoe uipixel ms-serifvalentinePixelpoiizmagicalMagicfunkhousestay workbeagrispixeloidMusketeerbellotavaca ♡satoshiamsterdamsnigletBarbieAprilaQefilaghakity


click the images to enlarge.

sound effect on click

click on the images to enlarge.for pro standard (option 1)
1. Copy this code and paste it in an embed.
2. Make an embed for the element you want to add the sound effect to and put: onclick="clicksound.playclip()" after the url.
EXAMPLE: <a href="url" onclick="clicksound.playclip()">link text</a>
If you have multiple links you should put the links inside the <span> tag so you wont have to repeat the code over again.
EXAMPLE: <span onclick="clicksound.playclip()"><a href="url">link text</a> <a href="url">link text</a><a href="url">link text</a><a href="url">link text</a></span>
You can also do this method with one link.
EXAMPLE: <span onclick="clicksound.playclip()"><a href="url">link text</a></span>
for pro standard (option 2; use this method if your element is a carrd element and is not inside an embed (works on any carrd element). personally, i don't recommend this method because it causes a delay when clicked multiple times and my perfectionist ass can't stand it but you do you.)1. copy this code and paste it in an embed.<script>
document.getElementById('text01').onclick = function() {
<audio id="clicksound" src="https://dl.dropbox.com/s/79xiksac40a2i65/interfaceclick.wav"></audio>2. replace text01 with the id of your element which you can find here:

for pro plus
1. Copy this code and paste it in an embed.
2. Go to the element you want to add the sound effect to and paste: clicksound.playclip(); in "on click".

add border image

click on the images to enlarge.for scrollboxes
1. Copy this code and paste it in an embed.
2. Go to foollovers.com and select a border that you want to use.
3. After you've chosen, right click the image and select 'open image in new tab'.

4. Open the tab and copy the link.
5. Replace this link with the link that you copied and adjust the number that says 10 fill round according to the size of your border.

You can also adjust the border-width if necessary.for images
1. Repeat the steps above and replace all the words inside this "<div id="border">" and this "</div>" with this:
<img src="image-url-here" width="image-width-here" height="image-height-here">
here's how it should look like:

and replace IMAGE-URL-HERE with the link of your image file. width and height are pretty explanatory.